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iPod Shuffle [entries|friends|calendar]


Welcome to the community, this is basically a community for anyone who is interested, or own, the new iPod Shuffle. Simply join and you'll be able to post. Do spread the word about this community.


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ripping songs [
Tuesday 27th March 2007 @ 12:52am

I have a shuffle that was originally configured to one computer. It's got about 60 songs on it. I want to put more songs on it, but it will have to be on a different computer. So it wants to wipe all the existing songs out. So I'm looking for either a way to add songs without removing those (and without having to go back to that other computer). OR even better/more likely, I need freeware to rip songs off an ipod shuffle. I've only found one program so far and it's a pay program.

Thanks for any help
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Pausing Question [
Wednesday 31st January 2007 @ 3:33pm

[ mood | curious ]

My shuffle is increasingly pausing in the middle of songs.  At first, I attributed it to a bad track, but it's not always in the same place--and sometimes in different songs.  Does anyone have an idea what I could do to "fix" this?


Tuesday 20th June 2006 @ 8:51am

Should I be able to listen to what's on my Shuffle while it's charging in my USB port?
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iPod Shuffle problem [
Tuesday 13th June 2006 @ 8:57pm

I have an iPod Shuffle that says it has songs but will not play. The green indicator light stays lit when the unit is on. I have no idea what to do. Any ideas?

EDIT: Never mind, I got it. Had to update the software and restore factory settings.
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Tuesday 23rd May 2006 @ 7:07am

When I go to use my iPod it only blinks red and green when I press a button...any ideas why and what I can do?
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Thursday 4th May 2006 @ 2:00pm

[ mood | sad ]

my shuffle hasnt been working properly for quite a while now. i wasnt really tripping about it because i have an ipod nano to use. the thing with my shuffle is that it suddenly stopped working with my computer one day. my mac dont seem to recognize it so it dont charge and i cant even put music in it AND the shuffle also dont light up (blink ect..). i bought a dock for it too and it still dont work. i got frustrated and just gave up. i left it hooked on to the computer though and a couple days later when i turned on my computer.. the light started blinking. so i thought it works again.. but the computer still didnt recognize it and it didnt show up on my itunes. i thought if i disconnect it, it will work normally.. but it went back to the original problem.. no lights blinking, no charging.. no recognizing. SO, can somebody tell me whats wrong with it?? the so called Restart-Restore thing dont work niether.

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I'm surprised it only took me a year... [
Tuesday 2nd May 2006 @ 2:12pm

Well, I seem to have misplaced the USB cap for my Shuffle. Does anyone know how one goes about obtaining a replacement? I've looked through the Apple Store with no luck. Thanks.
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Friday 24th March 2006 @ 4:02pm

[ mood | tired ]

So, like many others, I've been having quite a bit of trouble with my iPod Shuffle. It won't charge and I can't get my computer or my sister's computer (I have a Windows machine, she has a Mac) to recognize it. I can't even get the battery adapter thing to work with it. It'll play a few seconds of music when I turn it on, but then it just dies.

Unforunately, it started doing this the very day AFTER the warranty ran out, and I don't have the money to replace it or send it in for repairs. >_< So is there any way for me to fix it, or is it a lost cause?

1 iPodshuffle!

help [
Wednesday 1st February 2006 @ 8:37pm

All of a sudden today my ipod shuffle just doesnt want to work?
I put it in the USB port, the light is blinking orange, its charging I guess.
But windows doesn't recognise it. iTunes isn't opening. "new hardware" pop up isn't popping up. It's as if its not even plugged in. But the light is blinking on the ipod shuffle so I'm guessing it's still connected in some way.

I don't know what I did to change this ... it was working up until this morning.

I've reinstalled the ipod updater. I checked out the USB ports using Troubleshooting articles from apple ipod shuffle.
My Windows laptop doesn't recognize my iPod shuffle
Your Windows PC doesn't recognize iPod
I tried both of those. As well as the "5 tips" from the main apple troubleshooting page.
Still no luck :(

If I buy a new ipod shuffle will I just have the same problem?

Any help? Please?
5 iPodsshuffle!

iPod shuffle problems [
Wednesday 28th December 2005 @ 11:01pm

For some reason, The iPod shuffle is giving me a problem. When I put it in the USB cored, it contestly dissconnet, connet, sometimes it connets but won't open on iTunes and sometimes I can't disconnet it when I'm done.

I don't know what to do and apple help system is shit.

Wednesday 7th December 2005 @ 1:41pm

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Wednesday 9th November 2005 @ 10:43am

[ mood | aggravated ]

So my husband's Shuffle just decided it wanted to stop working. Whenever a button is pressed, it flashes green and orange. My computer will not recognize the Shuffle, and it won't appear in the finder or iTunes.

I'm sooo confused. :(

5 iPodsshuffle!

The Included Earphones [
Friday 16th September 2005 @ 5:25am

[ mood | curious ]

What do you all think of the earphones that are included with the shuffle, as far as sound quality? I think they are quite good!

I have a pair of Phillips "surroundsound" earphones, and Koss the Plug. The Koss ones bring out too much bass and tend to distort the rest of the sounds a bit (I love bass but a little goes a long way), and the Phillips has almost no bass to speak of and they sound flat but the sound is crystal clear.

So I tested a few songs with those 2 plus the apple phones that come with the Shuffle. The Shuffle phones have a little bass (better than Phillips) and the sound is almost as clear as Phillips. So I'll probably stick with those at least until I can afford to get another set again.

So that's why I was wondering if you use yours and what you think of them. They hurt (I have small ears) but I guess they take some getting used to. They stay in though, so that is good.

If you don't use yours, what kind do you use, and can you recommend a good set (below 30 dollars).

2 iPodsshuffle!

Shuffle Battery Charging Question [
Wednesday 14th September 2005 @ 7:33pm

I just recently got an ipod shuffle and love it. :) I didnt have to charge it as it was already green light. But I notice it blinks orange off and on when I have it connected. Is that what it does when the battery is charging? If not, what do the lights look like when I know it's charging? I know this is a newbie question, but I'm just worried that I can't get it charged. It's never just orange when it's plugged in. It blinks. Is that normal? And then what happens to know that it's fully charged? Does it blink green?

Thanks for any help. :)
3 iPodsshuffle!

Help [
Wednesday 31st August 2005 @ 6:12pm

[ mood | contemplative ]

I had my Ipod Shuffle installed on my parents' computer until I could get a new one. Now that I have a computer at home I want to t'fer all my music files from my Shuffle onto the new computer, but it won't let me. How do I do this?

Thanks for any assistance.

3 iPodsshuffle!

Seems as if... [
Sunday 7th August 2005 @ 7:33pm

[ mood | cranky ]

... I have one problem after another with my Shuffle. It has stopped charging. I've had it charging for 6 hours and it is still on yellow. Anyone know why this is, or what I can do?

2 iPodsshuffle!

Switching between computers [
Wednesday 3rd August 2005 @ 3:44pm

[ mood | hopeful ]

I have a 1Gig Shuffle, and iTunes on my desktop. I bought my new laptop today, and would like to use iTunes with it, also.

So here's my question: is there a way to get the music on my Shuffle from it onto the new laptop, or do I have to go through and re-save and burn everything again?

19 iPodsshuffle!

Wednesday 3rd August 2005 @ 8:08am

I'm a proud owner of an I pod shuffle, its so light and lovely.
And has all my fave songs stored on it, its fab!
The shuffle kicks ass...
2 iPodsshuffle!

Changing the name [
Saturday 30th July 2005 @ 10:43pm

I have a couple of IPod Shuffles. When you first install the IPod you're given a chance to name it?
Is there a way to change the name of the IPod in the ITunes?
4 iPodsshuffle!

Have any of you... [
Thursday 21st July 2005 @ 6:15pm

[ mood | annoyed ]

...had any problems with music downloaded off ITunes? I downloaded two songs and they sound, well... karaoke style. Like, music plays out of the left ear bud and the vocals play out of the right. I've checked the Ipod with other earphones and the same thing happens. I've emailed ITunes support to see if maybe they actually OFFER karaoke-style music, in which case I feel highly misled. Just wanted to know if any of you have had that problem.

2 iPodsshuffle!

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