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The Included Earphones

What do you all think of the earphones that are included with the shuffle, as far as sound quality? I think they are quite good!

I have a pair of Phillips "surroundsound" earphones, and Koss the Plug. The Koss ones bring out too much bass and tend to distort the rest of the sounds a bit (I love bass but a little goes a long way), and the Phillips has almost no bass to speak of and they sound flat but the sound is crystal clear.

So I tested a few songs with those 2 plus the apple phones that come with the Shuffle. The Shuffle phones have a little bass (better than Phillips) and the sound is almost as clear as Phillips. So I'll probably stick with those at least until I can afford to get another set again.

So that's why I was wondering if you use yours and what you think of them. They hurt (I have small ears) but I guess they take some getting used to. They stay in though, so that is good.

If you don't use yours, what kind do you use, and can you recommend a good set (below 30 dollars).
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