October Amethyst (octoberamethyst) wrote in ipodshuffle,
October Amethyst


All of a sudden today my ipod shuffle just doesnt want to work?
I put it in the USB port, the light is blinking orange, its charging I guess.
But windows doesn't recognise it. iTunes isn't opening. "new hardware" pop up isn't popping up. It's as if its not even plugged in. But the light is blinking on the ipod shuffle so I'm guessing it's still connected in some way.

I don't know what I did to change this ... it was working up until this morning.

I've reinstalled the ipod updater. I checked out the USB ports using Troubleshooting articles from apple ipod shuffle.
My Windows laptop doesn't recognize my iPod shuffle
Your Windows PC doesn't recognize iPod
I tried both of those. As well as the "5 tips" from the main apple troubleshooting page.
Still no luck :(

If I buy a new ipod shuffle will I just have the same problem?

Any help? Please?
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