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my shuffle hasnt been working properly for quite a while now. i wasnt really tripping about it because i have an ipod nano to use. the thing with my shuffle is that it suddenly stopped working with my computer one day. my mac dont seem to recognize it so it dont charge and i cant even put music in it AND the shuffle also dont light up (blink ect..). i bought a dock for it too and it still dont work. i got frustrated and just gave up. i left it hooked on to the computer though and a couple days later when i turned on my computer.. the light started blinking. so i thought it works again.. but the computer still didnt recognize it and it didnt show up on my itunes. i thought if i disconnect it, it will work normally.. but it went back to the original problem.. no lights blinking, no charging.. no recognizing. SO, can somebody tell me whats wrong with it?? the so called Restart-Restore thing dont work niether.
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